Sync (Entertainment) on your phone or Android TV

I didn’t see the free version of the app, only the ability to test it for about 30 seconds and I wasn’t able to switch between the app and YouTube fast enough. And no, why do you think I used the app on my phone? I used it on my chromecast and downloaded it there.

Not sure why you are so salty tho…

define “chromecast” all models except for 1 (only couple months old) would require using your phone.

  • what model your TV & chromecast ?
  • how you are using them ?
  • how they are hooked up (direct to TV? AV receiver? HDMI splitter?)
  • where the apps are installed (on phone, on AndroidTV, on chroemcast featuring GoogleTV?),
  • how you are using the app?
  • what video app are you using with hue essentials? (youtube? Plex? Facebook? Peacock? lol)
  • what are the exact steps you are taking to create the problem?

Without providing useful information, its hard to be helpful

Thanks for the feedback. We tried the Google Chromecast with Google TV and unfortunately it is not powerful enough for videos. It should work with some games.

In the first post in this topic you can find some information about various Android TVs. The NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is the best one.

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There is only one Chromecast (the one with Google TV) which is supported. That is the only Chromecast with a Google Play Store where you can download Hue Essentials. Hue Essentials does not work on the older Chromecasts.

I’m using the latest chromecast with Google TV + lg la7408. The chromecast is attached on the TV directly without other devices and I tried to play a video on YouTube directly without anything else… And without a phone. The app is downloaded - as said - on my chromecast. It was not about asking for help. Not sure what’s your problem here

HE sync only work with some app in Sony android TV, some app does not. I have an ideas to recommend to Philips is that please make it work background, even with HDMI input of the TV. (Many people are using TV box, HD player,… with HDMI to TV for high quality video.

play store app is on TV.
No casting from phone.
The tv is SONY KD-65xf9005

The picture is llagging when using youtube on tv with sync on…

but now i have syncbox and apple tv 4k and it works perfect with that.