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Automatically start/stop Sync on Android TV

I got the Hue Gradient Lightstrip last week.

Purchased HE premium yesterday.
Works GREAT with my Sony AndroidTV

One complaint…
Too many button presses to turn on/off sync.
Open app, down, right, right, ok, right, ok, ok
gross… this is the only feature i will use of this app.

AndroidTV does not support widgets… I assume there is one to turn on/off sync

umm. IDEA… in Hue Essentials > settings >
add a checkbox option to auto start sync when opening Hue Essentials.
This checkbox will also need a dropdown menu to select which entertainment area

also, add an option checkbox to turn off sync when/if the screen is shut off.

this changes the process from:
-Open HE, down, right, right, OK [Sync], right [Select room], ok, ok [Start], exit app, watch content
-Open HE, down, right, right, OK [Sync], right [Select room], ok, ok [Stop], exit app
-open HE, exit app, watch content.
-turn off TV


I second this. Or something similar to Hue Stream that runs as a background service automatically. Or any shortcut that let’s use start stream with a 1 to 2 button presses.

Thanks all!


Thanks for the detailed feedback! Looks like a great idea and will add something like this in a future update.

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A new beta (1.17.0) is currently going through Google review which adds support for stopping Sync when the screen is off. It should be available within a few days.

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I love Tristyn idea, following this thread to get news about that!