Switch off a light/plug automatically 10 minutes after it turns on

This is an example of an automation in Hue Essentials. This automation will switch off a light/plug automatically 10 minutes after it turns on. It can be customised further to your liking.

  1. Open Hue Essentials
  2. Go to the Devices tab
  3. Select your light or plug
  4. Tap the + button under the Automation header
  5. Select On for this event
  6. Tap the Add action button and select Wait
  7. Set a wait time of 10 minutes
  8. Tap the Add action button and select Toggle light
  9. Select the same light or plug as before and make sure the state is set to Switch off
  10. Save the automation

Try increasing or decreasing the wait time, or add another type of action

Would this automation be cancelled if the light was turned off early?

In other words, if a light was turned on at 15.00 with a 10 minute auto turn-off, but was then turned off manually at 15.03 before the auto turn-off took place, would the timer keep on running in the background so that, if the light was turned on for a second time at 15.08, it would auto-turn off after only 2 minutes rather than 10?

If so, is there a way to tweak things so that my lights only auto turn-off if they have been on continually for 10 minutes?


The automation will be cancelled when it is triggered again. So when you switch on the light a second time, the original timer will cancel and it starts again.

This should already be the current behaviour for this type of automation.

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Brilliant, thank you!

This is an awesome function and I really like to use it.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work on my Silvercrest on/off plug

I used the same settings as in the example. But the plug does not shut of after the set time.

How can i fix this?

May be someone can answer this
I am using smart plug and a smart button to turn on and off a recirculating pump .
Now I would like to turn ON the pump manually with the smart button and set a time of 2 min then turn OFF automatically with a timer .
Can this app do that ?

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Just bought the app for this functionality, trying to make it work with both a smart plug and a (hue) lamp but it doesn’t seem to work. I setup the devices as instructed, but they do not turn off after x mins. Any tip?