Notification if I forgot to turn off a light?

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Is it possible to get a notification If I leave my flat and forgot to turn off some lights?

In philips hue app you can set the lights to turn off or on automatically if u leave or arrive home. BUT sometimes I do have a friend at home and I leave for example to get a beer or something and of course I take my mobile with me and in this case I don’t want to turn off the lights automatically. But sometimes I forget to turn off the lights in my bedroom and I leave home. In this case I’d love to get a notification that there are still some lamps turned on, to chose if I turn them off OR ignore.

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See the following:

The only way to get this working is using polling. In your case a delay would not be that bad. It is not possible at the moment in Hue Essentials but it is on the wish list for future development.

A notification is still not possible unfortunately, but as an alternative you can switch off your light automatically after a specified time. See: Switch off a light/plug automatically 10 minutes after it turns on

by installing the smartthings app (which integrates with philips hue) you can receive notifications if any light is turned on or off. for more sophisticated management you can also use smartthings on the alexa and ifttt routines to also receive emails ecc. thomas, who is very good, but perhaps he will find a way to integrate these functions into h.e…