Auto turn off timer

Is it possible to set auto timer to turn off the light when it is turned on from the app, not the device like switch button? Very often I turn lights on from the mobile app and I would like the timer, which turns off the light after certain time, to be triggered automatically.

Would you like it so that only the switch in the app starts the timer? Or should every method (app, smart switch, automation, etc) start the off timer?

Would a separate off timer button in the app work or do you really want it to be automatic with the normal switch?

What type of bridge and phone are you using?

Thanks for the reply.
I would like every method used to turn on the light to trigger the timer
I want this timer to be automated and connected somehow with the action light on. I don’t want to trigger this timer seperetly.
I use hue bridge and android phone.

I think it should be possible to automate that on the bridge. I will have to look into it. Currently working on the automations for the motion sensor and can pick this up afterwards.

Perfect. Thank you. Looking forward to it.

I can confirm this is possible on a Hue bridge. Now I just need to write the UI, which will take me some time.

This is great news. It will be very nice feature especially nowadays when energy costs have grown up so much. Looking forward to it. Thank you.

This feature will be available in Hue Essentials update 1.31.0 for Android and 1.22.0 for iOS.

Access the new feature by going to the Devices tab at the bottom, and select your light.

For more information see: Switch off a light/plug automatically 10 minutes after it turns on

The update should be available within a few days/weeks. The update will be rolled out to beta first and some platforms may get it earlier than others: If you would like to join the beta, see the following: Join the beta - Try new features before they are officially released

Beta version is still in review, but you can already get the APK here if you want: Hue Essentials 1.31.0 APK Download by Hue Essentials - APKMirror

If you are unfamiliar with APK files, please wait for the Google Play release, which should be available in beta within a week.

Works great. Thank you very much for this. It is great feature.
As next step it would be great to have a possibility to do it for the group of lights but for now it is great.

Great, thanks for the feedback.

Group on state as event sounds good, will add it in the next version. This one you can then find on the Automations tab, as there is not really a place for group automation events in the app at the moment.

Group on state as event is now also available in the latest version.

Hi Thomas,
Works great.
Thank you very much.

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