Quick Access Device Controls (Android 11)

Hi there,
Is there anybody out there with the same problem (especially the tile / slide / no update one)?

@Sib_Schmitz sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Both problems you mentioned should be fixed now. Could you please try updating the app and let me know if it works now? If you are still experiencing issues, please share your crash identifier: Crash identifier

Hi, which add-on should I purchase to enable this feature if I don’t want to purchase the full premium package?

The Android 11 device controls are only included in premium at the moment.

I have a philips hue bluetooth connected to the app and the premium package, why is the device control page saying “compatible controls unavailable”?

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Any updates for Android 13? Is it possible to control devices without unlocking phone?

See Android 13 Control from locked device - #4 by Thomas for updates.