System UI crashing with quick access device controls

Hi, I recently began having an issue with this feature on my Samsung S10 (running Android 11), it may have started after one of Androids/Samsungs updates in the last few months.

I use to be able to hold down on a Group tile and it would show all of the scenes available for that group. Now it shows nothing at all, just black (as per screenshot). I can still add an individual scene as an individual tile though.

Also if i tap that icon at the top right on the empty black screen, I assume it normally opened the Hue Essentials app or performed some other Hue Essentials related function, now it either brings up an OS power menu or sometimes it causes the standard “stopped responding” popup. The app that stopped responding is “System UI”; it seems to be behaving as if there’s no function assigned to that button.

This issue is only happening with Hue Essentials as far as i can tell, I’ve tested it with another app that has Quick Access Device Controls (Tasker) and holding down on a tile brings up the Tasker options its meant to and that button at the top right does what its meant to as well.

Ive tried uninstalling/reinstalling Hue Essentials with no change.

Screenshots below of my tiles setup (including 5 individual scenes that i didn’t need before this issue lol) and a screenshot of the empty screen when I hold down on any tile.

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Thanks for letting me know. I have a Samsung here and was able to reproduce the issue. System UI seems to crash for me, too. I have no idea yet how this is possible, but I will investigate it and hope to have a fix ready soon.

Alright so it does seem to be a new Android bug: System UI crash when long pressing on device control:$CanceledException [218542096] - Visible to Public - Issue Tracker

I think I can fix this in Hue Essentials, will keep you updated.

Got it working again. I also noticed some other minor UI issues with the device controls which will also be fixed.

The fix will be available in the next update which I hope to have ready within a few days. The new version with this fix will be 1.29.6 or 1.30.0.

Thanks for reporting this issue.

No problem, thanks for looking into it so quickly. Once it’s out i’ll test and confirm the fix.

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Just confirming the changes in 1.29.6 for this are working great, no issues found. Thanks again.

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