Crash identifier

Sometimes crashes happen. It is often helpful to identify your crash through an anonymous unique identifier. Please include this identifier when you report a crash. Your personal information will not be included. You can reset the current identifier if so desired.

Where to find the identifier?


  1. In Hue Essentials, open the left menu
  2. Tap Help & feedback
  3. Tap Identifier


  1. In Hue Essentials, go to the settings tab
  2. Tap Help & feedback
  3. Tap Identifier

The app does not connect to my bridge/lights

You can use the Demo bridge under Advanced to get into the app. Then you can follow the steps above.

To remove the demo bridge afterwards, go to the devices tab, and delete the demo bridge there. Alternatively just close the app (swipe away from recent apps) and open it again.

I experience crashes of the iOS version when configuring Friends of Hue wall switch (busch and jeager). Do I need to please the identity here?

Please create a new topic with a description of what happened before the crash. You can include the identifier there.