Motion sensor activate /deactivate?

is there a possibility to deactivate a motion sensor by pressing a button on a dimmer switch? Your app itself can do this but i did not find it as a function/action…

Eure App an sich kann das jedoch habe ich es nicht als funktion/aktion gefunden…

Example: Corridor
A motion sensor is installed there which dims the light in the corridor in the evening. Sometimes I would like the corridor to be set to 100% light and the motion sensor to be deactivated in the evening, for this I would like to use a dimmer switch…

Button: 1 (ON)
-deactivate motion sensor
-light 100%

Button: 0 (OFF)
-activate motion sensor
-light 0%

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You can deactivate the motion sensor (in german: “Aktionen des Bewegungssensors abbrechen”), but for me it doesn’t do anything. I hope that one day it will work …

Unfortunately not, because I do not want to abort any action, it should not be triggered in the first place.

Example: Corridor
I walk through the hallway, the light goes on through the motion detector, on 50% and after 2 minutes off again.
So far so good.

Now I want to do something in the corridor and press ON on the remote control, now the corridor light should stay on 100% until I press OFF, then the motion detector should automatically control the light again.

What I need is the functionality:
Button 1

  1. motion detector off
  2. light 100%

Button 2

  1. motion detector on
  2. light off


… or something like that


The APP already comes with the functionality activate/deactivate, so it should also be possible to deactivate the motion detector, unfortunately I can’t find this setting, just a “cancel” for which I can’t imagine any scenario at all :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for the detailed explanation. Switching on/off a motion sensor from a button is currently not possible. It is on the wish list for future development.

The “cancel motion sensor actions” action is described here: How to use "Cancel Motion Sensor Actions"


I’m looking for the same function! Any word on when this function is going to be implemented?
Please make it! Already paid for your great app!

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First of all, good job for the work done on this app I really appreciate it!

I have the same need, I’m building a home-made alarm system composed by a motion sensor and a 120db siren connected to a smart plug.
When the sensor detects something the smart plus is actived and the siren works for 5 minutes then automatically stops, an alexa actions triggers also a notification and an email with ifft).

I want to configure a dimmer switch to turn on the sensor (=activate the alarm, when I leave home) and turn off the sensor (=disable the alarm when I come back).
Currently I’m forced to use the app each time and it is not efficient.

That is a super interesting use case @Sed95 :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate the same feature, to activate/deactivate a particular motion sensor as an assignable action.

My case is far more mundane. I have a motion sensor in my bedroom, to provide a bit of guiding nightlight if one of us gets out of bed to pee. However, if I were to use the dimmer switch to turn on the lights manually, I’d want to disable the motion sensor, for the duration of whatever it is I Have To Deal With.

As in
Button 1, First press:
Set scene in Bedroom
Disable Bedroom motion sensor

Button 0, First press:
Switch off Bedroom
Activate Bedroom motion sensor

As far as I can reason, the requested feature is necessary for that purpose.

Holm :wink:

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If you are interrested in the use case with the alarm please not that I replaced the Hue Smart Plug by an Amazon Smart plug, the Hue one automatically starts enabled after 2 power shut downs whereas the Amazon plug in this case stays disabled.

@Thomas Any idea when you will implement the feature? by the way is it currently technically doable ?