Motion sensor activate /deactivate?

is there a possibility to deactivate a motion sensor by pressing a button on a dimmer switch? Your app itself can do this but i did not find it as a function/action…

Eure App an sich kann das jedoch habe ich es nicht als funktion/aktion gefunden…

Example: Corridor
A motion sensor is installed there which dims the light in the corridor in the evening. Sometimes I would like the corridor to be set to 100% light and the motion sensor to be deactivated in the evening, for this I would like to use a dimmer switch…

Button: 1 (ON)
-deactivate motion sensor
-light 100%

Button: 0 (OFF)
-activate motion sensor
-light 0%

You can deactivate the motion sensor (in german: “Aktionen des Bewegungssensors abbrechen”), but for me it doesn’t do anything. I hope that one day it will work …

Unfortunately not, because I do not want to abort any action, it should not be triggered in the first place.

Example: Corridor
I walk through the hallway, the light goes on through the motion detector, on 50% and after 2 minutes off again.
So far so good.

Now I want to do something in the corridor and press ON on the remote control, now the corridor light should stay on 100% until I press OFF, then the motion detector should automatically control the light again.

What I need is the functionality:
Button 1

  1. motion detector off
  2. light 100%

Button 2

  1. motion detector on
  2. light off


… or something like that


The APP already comes with the functionality activate/deactivate, so it should also be possible to deactivate the motion detector, unfortunately I can’t find this setting, just a “cancel” for which I can’t imagine any scenario at all :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for the detailed explanation. Switching on/off a motion sensor from a button is currently not possible. It is on the wish list for future development.

The “cancel motion sensor actions” action is described here: How to use "Cancel Motion Sensor Actions"