Motion sensor activate/deactivate?

Update 2 : I have done some new tests this afternoon and I think I have found the “pattern”, the sensor seems to keep in memory a motion detection for 10 seconds (even if the motion detection switched off it detects and keep in memory the motion but simply not trigger an event), if the motion detection is switched on before the 10 seconds then it automatically triggers a detection event, if you wait 10 seconds before to activate it will then work fine.
I think it’s a built-in behavior, not sure @Thomas can do something about that.

@Thomas : a workaround would be to introduce a “wait” action (configurable in minutes/seconds) in the button actions, such action exists on Amazon Alexa routines for example, this way it would be possible to start the actions by a “wait” of few seconds (to let the sensor “forget” the last motion) and then activate the sensor. What do you think ?

I had something similar with the standard app, when the motion sensor activated a lamp and it went off, then 10 seconds later, despite motion, no lamp came on. Remedy created only in the Labs the sensor couple. Maybe this is something similar…

I see what you mean, I can reproduce the behaviour. I will have to look into this further, but I think there is not much I can do about this. Thanks for looking into this and providing detailed feedback.

A wait action seems like the easiest solution. See the following feature request: Start timer from a switch

Hi, Ok let us know if you find something, I will vote for the Timer feature it’s a very useful for a lot of usage :wink:

Thanks Thomas. Works great in my kitchen!

I want to use the same functionality on the top floor but I use 2 sensors there that work together using the Hue Labs ‘Couple Sensor’ since it’s quite a lengthy area. I now Switch Off and On both sensors as you describe here and so far it seems to work. I just wonder; since ‘Couple Sensor’ requires both sensors to be set up on the official Hue app and not in Hue Essentials (so far I haven’t found similar functionality in Hue Essentials) I wonder if it’s not a requirement that the sensors you switch off/on with this new functionality are set up in Hue Essentials? Do you expect any issues or unreliable behavior in combination with ‘Couple Sensor’ from Hue Labs?