How to connect lights using Touchlink in Hue Essentials?

  1. Open Hue Essentials and go to Devices, tap the + button, tap Light (or Plug).
  2. Switch off and on your light/plug.
  3. Hold your light/plug near the Philips Hue bridge. Tap touchlink in Hue Essentials which will cause your light/plug to flash. This could take multiple tries.
  4. Now tap Search for lights in Hue Essentials.

Why should I use Touchlink in Hue Essentials instead of another pairing method?

The Touchlink feature simplifies your way to pair your light to the bridge. Each brand has a different way to pair. Sometimes it is not easy to remember these steps. Furthermore, it can be difficult to do such steps like switching on/off quickly in the right timely manner. Your light source may not even have a switch for easy on/off steps. Touchlink instead is as simple as holding your light source close to your bridge and follow the instructions above.

What is Hue Essentials?

Hue Essentials is the alternative app for the Philips Hue bridge, Philips Hue Bluetooth, and many other bridges. You can download Hue Essentials for Android and iOS through

Find out more on YouTube

Find a video on YouTube how to connect your light through Touchlink on our channel: