How to connect IKEA TRÅDFRI signal repeater to a Philips Hue bridge?

Hey all newbie here sorry if in the wrong thread but I was wondering has anyone tried to get the IKEA tradfri range extender to work with touchlink/smart controls. Thanks in advance

You should be able to connect this signal repeater using Touchlink just like a light. See the following: How to connect lights using Touchlink in Hue Essentials?

A reddit user was able to pair it successfully, see: Anyone using an IKEA Trådfri Range Extender with Philips Hue?

I plugged it in next to my bridge, like 10cm apart. I used the android app “Hue Essentials” to trigger Touchlink on the hue bridge (Lights → Add → Select Bridge → pressed “Touchlink” and afterwards press “Search for Lights”), I read that other people have used this method successfully for linking IKEA motion detectors to hue. Did nothing, then I repeated the steps but I hit the “Touchlink” button like 6-7 times repeatedly and then pressed the search button in the app. After this the LED on the extender stopped blinking and the LED was now constantly on. I reseted the extender as I though I may have just reached some sort of timeout in the device itself because it was waiting so long for pairing, but I could repeat the steps with same result, so the touchlink approach did something and it seems it is now paired with my hue network.

Hey all I’m having this same issue. Touch link gets the signal repeater to flash but when I click add lights nothing is then found :pensive: