How to connect IKEA TRÅDFRI smart controls to a Philips Hue bridge?

  1. Switch off your light(s).
  2. Reset the smart control. Do this by quickly pressing the :link: button 4 times. Then wait 10 seconds for it to reset.
  3. Open Hue Essentials and go to Devices, tap the + button, tap Smart control, tap Other. This is the screen where you can find touchlink.
  4. Press and hold the :link: button of your smart control near the Hue bridge. Now press Touchlink in Hue Essentials while still holding the :link: button. Release the :link: button when the LED turns off (about 10 seconds). The exact order and timing of these steps is very important!
  5. Switch on a light.
  6. Press and hold the :link: button of your smart control near a light. The light will start flashing. Release the :link: button once the light stops flashing (about 10 seconds).
  7. Now go back to Hue Essentials and tap Search for lights.
  8. The light can now be used with your smart controls and the app.

Note: Third party smart controls are not visible in the app.

Multiple lights

To connect multiple lights, switch a light off and on. Then repeat steps 6-8 for that light.

YouTube videos

There are some videos which could help you connecting your smart controls. Check out the playlist here: 3rd party smart controls on Philips Hue Bridge - YouTube

You can also find these videos from within Hue Essentials. See the button Learn more.

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I’m not sure if I did something wrong because when I reach the point 7 and I push the search for light. Nothing happens. What should I see on the ios screen during this action? Should the IKEA light come up to select the light, or is it totally normal to see nothing during this point and use the back navigation button?

If the light was added before, then it may not show a new light message. Then just go back to your lights and see if it is there and working. If this failed, then most likely the smart control was not added correctly to the bridge. You should try those steps in the video again.

I managed to connect a trådfri smart outlet to the hue app, and i followed these steps and video to connect the controller as well. But when I linked the controller and outlet the outlet went offline from the app.

I managed to link trådfri dimmer and trådfri lights with no problem throug hue bridge.

Is it possible from step 5 on to connect to a Phillips Hue Smart Plug instead? I’ve tried following your steps and then turn on the plug and put the dimmer next to it, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any help would be appreciated, as I’ve spent money on your app just to connect the switch with the smart plug and now really close to return the Ikea dimmer :slight_smile:

I did everything step by step and at 7 it showed me no new lights. As stated earlier that might happen, but now the problem is, that though I can control the light with the switch, it is not anymore possible with the app. Neither Essentials nor Hue.

This probably means that the controller was not connected correctly to the bridge. Please check the controller in the video if the lights blink exactly the same as on your controller. It may take multiple tries to connect the controller properly with the Hue bridge.

I just tried to pair a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer with the Hue bridge and a Hue plug, but did not get it working. The Hue plug was controllable from the app, but the TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer was unable to control the Hue plug.

I tried it again, but instead of the TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer I used a TRÅDFRI on/off switch (and also a TRÅDFRI remote control). They worked fine with the Hue plug and a Hue bridge.

So it looks like the TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer is incompatible with the Hue plug, unfortunately.

This means that the pairing of smart controller/switch with the bridge went wrong. You should try this again. Follow the instructions in our YouTube video on channel Hue Essentials, link in original post.

I did it a few times now. How do I know if it worked? I did everything like it was said in the video.

I tried multiple times over 2 days. Was so frustrated that i just swapped the controller with a new one i had. Took some time before it worked. Seems like the on/off switches are harder than the dimmers.

Should it be possible to add multiple tradfri on/off switches to the same hue bridge? Following the tutorial video I’ve managed to add one tradfri on/off switch too both the hue bridge and a hue white ambiance lamp (I can control the lamp with both app and switch)

Problem is, when I try to add a different switch to a different lamp via the same method, it always fails. I then can only use the app OR the switch.

I’ve checked all the firmwares and followed the video exactly. I turn off all other lights when I connect the tradfri switch. Also tried with a tradfri dimmer switch but got the same result…

Yes, possible. I just tried and did it many times before.
What you do is as follows:
Follow the video for the first set (reset switch, light off power, pair switch to bridge, switch on light, pair switch to light). The do exactly the same for the next set. Keep unnecessary lights off in the mean time.
When you are done, test the switches and Hue Essentials. Sometimes it fails on one switch, it looses connection. Then wait awhile and try again if it responds. On fail, reset the switch and pair again.

Thanks for your reply! I’ve tried for two nights in a row already, got so frustrated I thought about giving up. But since I live in a city area, I realised it could be about the zigbee channel being too crowded? I changed to channel 11 and now both my tradfri switches work like a charm, while the hue bulbs are still controllable in the app. Great!

really hard to connect Trådfri Motion Sensor and On/Off Switch with Hue Hub. Can search a Light in last step and the light showed up on app but still can not remote with On/Off Switch or Motion Sensor can not give trigger


I followed all the steps and it seemed ok. The problem is that after searching for the lights and finding them, the light is added an controlable in app but the ikea remote control doesn’t work anymore. It loses pairing.

I tried multiple times but the same…

I want to be able to control the lightsat the same time with the app and the physical ikea remote controller, otherwise the premium I pade is useless.
Any thougts?

Devices I’m using:

  • Philips HueBridge 2.0 (latest update)
  • Ikea Tradfri Driver for wireless control, 10 W
  • Ikea Tradfri Remote Control
  • Ikea Omlopp led strips

Hi, first post!

Bought premium, so should have the means to do this.

Ikea motion sensor connects to the Hue hub with the light pattern showed in your videos, my issue seems to be that I don’t get the bulb connected back to the hub with “search” function, if I do touch link it comes back but then I lose the sensor connection.

Question is if it is because I have to use touch link, or it has to do with the connection of the sensor to the bridge?

Thanks For this process to perform the pairing for Ikea lighting and smart control TRADFRI. Unfortunatly the first smart control pairing worked well but when i Wanted to indroduce a second smart control in the system it removed all configuration of the first one.
Do you confirm There is limitation for smart control Ikea with Hue bridge and Hue essential application? Thanks in advance for any advice.

After many attempts I managed to pair a Tradfri remote with Tradfri and Hue bulbs while keeping the bulb on the same Zigbee network than the bridge.
Oddly through, the light status doesn’t seem to be sync’ed.
For example, if I switch the lights on with the Ikea remote, the lights are shown off on the app. And if I switch them on then off from the app, the lights go off. Have you ever noticed status sync issues ?

I can confirm the same issue here. On/off with IKEA remote works for group of lights, but status is not synced in Hue app.