How to connect IKEA TRÅDFRI smart controls to a Philips Hue bridge?

  1. Switch off your light(s).
  2. Reset the smart control. Do this by quickly pressing the :link: button 4 times. Then wait 10 seconds for it to reset.
  3. Open Hue Essentials and go to Devices, tap the + button, tap Smart control, tap Other. This is the screen where you can find touchlink.
  4. Press and hold the :link: button of your smart control near the Hue bridge. Now press Touchlink in Hue Essentials while still holding the :link: button. Release the :link: button when the LED turns off (about 10 seconds).
  5. Switch on a light.
  6. Press and hold the :link: button of your smart control near a light. The light will start flashing. Release the :link: button once the light stops flashing (about 10 seconds).
  7. Now go back to Hue Essentials and tap Search for lights.
  8. The light can now be used with your smart controls and the app.

Multiple lights

To connect multiple lights, switch a light off and on. Then repeat steps 6-8 for that light.

YouTube videos

There are some videos which could help you connecting your smart controls. Check out the playlist here:

You can also find these videos from within Hue Essentials. See the button Learn more.