How to connect IKEA TRÅDFRI smart controls to a Philips Hue bridge?

This solution didn’t work for me. The on/off and dimming buttons are working, but no luck with left/right scene selection. BTW, I have INNR light bulbs, which are officially compatible with HUE. Hub I’m using is a standard (modern) Hue bridge.

I don’t get this part. I followed the youtube explainer to pair through touchlink and then with multiple lamps, that part works. However, I don’t see the remote in neither the Hue or Hue Essentials app. Where is this mentioned wizzard to set up all buttons on Tradfri remote? It’s not mentioned in any Hue Essentials tutorial video.

Hello @jva, the topic you replied to is about the deCONZ gateway, so I moved your post to the Philips Hue topic about the IKEA smart controls.

Third party smart controls are not visible in the app when connected to a Hue bridge, so you cannot configure anything. There is no wizard.

What you could try is removing the battery for 10 seconds and after reinserting it check if the left/right buttons work. If that does not work, there is unfortunately not much we can do about that. Maybe someone else here has a solution for the left/right buttons not working.

I have an older set that I was able to integrate as shown in the video. The switch has a round soft button on the back and has “TYPE: E1524” on the side and the lamp has firmware V1.04.12. I was able to get it connected as documented.

I bought another set a few days ago. The switch is an integrated plastic part but gives good feedback when pressed. It has “TYPE: 1810” on the side. The lamp has firmware V2.0.022. When I reset the switch it starts showing a glowing LED in front after a few seconds and that lasts around a minute. I tried to pair it with the HUE bridge with the glowing light or after, then paired it with the lamp. The bridge was either then able to find the lamp but then the switch wasn’t working any longer or the lamp wasn’t detected.