Where can I download Hue Essentials for Huawei watches?

Huawei Watch 3

You can download Hue Essentials from AppGallery on your watch. See for more information: [HUAWEI Watch 3] How to download your applications - HUAWEI Community

Huawei Watch GT2 & Huawei Watch GT3

  1. Download Hue Essentials on your watch. Open the (Huawei) Health app on your phone, go to the Devices tab, select your watch, and tap AppGallery. Search for Hue Essentials.
  2. Download Hue Essentials on your connected phone from the Huawei AppGallery. Support for other stores like Google Play and Amazon Appstore will be added in the future.
  3. Open Hue Essentials on your phone, open the left menu, go to Settings, and enable the setting Huawei Watch.
  4. Now open Hue Essentials on your watch and your devices should appear.

Unable to connect

In case your watch cannot connect with your lights, please check the following:

  • Check if you followed the instructions above correctly.
  • Check if your watch is connected to your phone.
  • Check if Hue Essentials on your phone is able to connect to your lights.

Huawei Watch & Huawei Watch 2

See the following: Where can I download Hue Essentials for Wear OS?

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