Sync (Entertainment) on your phone or Android TV

@Thei_Jöris Hue Essentials is compatible with Android TV, so if you run Kodi on your Android TV it should work.

@DavyBones I still need to make a topic with more details about this, but what I found out that videos do not work well unless you lower the video quality a lot. I tried some simple games from the Play Store and they appeared to work. I am not sure about Stadia, if that works on the Chromecast, it could be that Hue Essentials works with that as well, but I have not tried that. Please let us know your experience.

Is not stoping because if I go back to menu, lights are still sync but yes that is what you describe. On menu lights change but during video nothing happens.

Is it work with Dune MediaPlayers? E.g Dune Real Vision 4K? - that is also an android base media player.

Same problem on sony tv with kodi 4k hdr is lagging,only sdr is working.
And there is no cure for this problem…

Nice but hdr 4k wont run whitout hardware acceleration…

I have beelink gt king Android tv box
I have hue essentials premium
Philips lights

I can’t sync with videos. In any app (YouTube. Kodi) and also if I watch my own videos, when they start. The light go off

How can I fix it ? Thank you

Starting sync from within the app never fails, but starting sync using a Tasker command most of the time fails to start the sync. The sync never starts and the lightstrip turns off. I have to then manually go to the Hue Essentials app and start sync from there.
Can I check what Hue Essentials is doing in the background when trying to start a sync from a Tasker command?

@Archimedes Sync not working from Tasker is a known issue which has been fixed in version 1.23.0. The update should be available on the Google Play Store now. See also: Starting Sync from Tasker does not work. Please let me know if this update works for you.