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Starting Sync from Tasker does not work

I remapped one button on my remote control with the Automation App (basically Tasker), which should turn on display sync, but when I run the Tasker Entertainment Start with Sync nothing happens.

Are there any news? It still does not work.

Thanks for the feedback. I will look into it, seems like a bug.

Was this ever fixed?

Interested to know this too, it’s a pain having to open app every time to start sync currently, need some way of making it one press/launch.

The issue that Sync does not work when started from Tasker is fixed in Hue Essentials version 1.23.0 which should be available soon.

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@Alwin Are you able to share how you got this working?

I’m trying to get something similar set up with the Button Remapper app, but for some reason the ADB Shell commands I’m attempting to use are not functioning.

I’d appreciate some insight into how you were able to accomplish turning on the Entertainment Sync mode with a button press on your TV remote.