Sync (Entertainment) on your phone or Android TV

yes, within kodi…go to system/player/videos…then to processing…u have to turn on the expert modus to see these options

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I have a hard time understanding what I need to buy. It is a mix of packages and effects. Some effects are included and some do I need to buy nevertheless if I buy a Premium package.

For a start, I would like to use the sync feature, and I am told to upgrade if I need more than 30 sec… but upgrade to what?!! Which package, or do I need to buy a specific feature?

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Hi, This Software works very well with Kodi. Too bad it does not woke with Netflix etc. hopefully sometime in the future a update/fix will resolve this. However, I was wondering if it is possible to implement adjustment to the brightness of the individual lights in the setup?

We will get a Cube 4K and test this. Expected test results by end of this week.
Update 1 November 2020: the Cube still has not arrived in Germany (need to collect it there and bring it home to the Netherlands).

You need the package Entertainment (when available) or Premium. Premium unlocks most items except some effect packages (you can still make effects yourself through the effect creator with + icon). A description what is included can be found on the upgrade screen.

Thanks Robert.

The upgrade screen on my Android TV did not show any information. I just got a few packages to choose from, but that might be a local issue then. I got the information I needed now :slight_smile:

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Hi Robert,
is there a special recommended hardware setup with Lifx-stripes?
I just bought 6m of stripes to install on my 85" Sony Android TV and I’m wondering if I need to start in a special corner or if everything is freely configurable.
Cannot test yet, since I just joined the Beta and am still on latest official version :wink:

First of all great app keep up the good work, i downloaded it on my android sony tv and the sync works very well with the interface and with youtube but not with netflix or amazon prime app. O and I’m premium. When i start netflix or Amazon prime the lights shutdown, i hope that this issue will be fixed in a later update. I also tried the latest beta on Android tv but the interface of the app wasn’t that good for the tv and i had to reinstall the app because i couldn’t find the app button so i reinstall the latest version of de app store.

Hi @Yves,

you can start the light strip everywhere you would like, it does not matter which corner you start. If you would like an example, please see the following:

The beta is available for everyone now (sign up for testing on Google Play) so you should be able to download it.

Let me know if you have any feedback or questions.


I just installed the stripes to the TV and tested a little bit.
With demo videos from YouTube everything works good, but if I watch a movie the lights are pretty “hectic”.
I also have the impression that the colours are “grabbed” too much towards the middle of the screen, if you know what I mean😁
Would be great if you manage to grab more towards the frame of the screen and smoothen everything a bit.

But great work for a Beta version - this has a lot of potential :+1:

Next step would be to find some Android TV Box with HDMI passthrough to build a “Hue Sync Box” alternative🥳

Please keep up the great work :+1::+1::+1:

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Hue Essentials states clearly in the first post, and all documentation about sync, that the app does not work with DRM (copyright protected) content such as netflix and amazon prime.

This is also true with the official philips hue sync box, and the official philips hue sync PC software.

Copyright protected content cannot be “read” for image information

from the first post above…

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I have purchased the app first and then redeemed the payment. For me (using it on the Android TV) is almost useless. There are two major points:

  • As mentioned in the article above, without Netflix and co. it reduces it to Youtube :slight_smile: (hue sync box can do it so… find a way $$)
  • Second using the gradient strip from Philips works, BUT guys your algorithm for the color recognition is BAD
    Try the youtube video with hue test, detect the colors on the edge not on the center. Or whatsoever.
    If those issues are solved I would be ready to pay much more for the app.
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I purchased the premium package to run Sync on my Hue play devices from Sony A8 Android TV. However, I am unable to see any options to add new devices under Sync. Is there a delay expected from purchase of premium to activation of Sync?
I am using version 1.14.6.

Hi @Basudev_Chakraborty, you first need to create an entertainment area on your phone. After that you can use that entertainment area on your TV. See for more information: Gray screen with sync?
Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @Thomas Thanks a lot for the tip, it works perfectly now :slight_smile:

Is it possible for this to work with devices connected to hdmi ports (i.e. consoles etc) and/or regular tv channels on android tv or is this mainly for apps?

no. Inputs require hue sync box

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