Sync (Entertainment) on your phone or Android TV

I will try that in a moment. It only happens after I have added non Hue bulbs.

Update: Also, I get bridge errors on both phone and nvdiia when trying to remove these Entertainment Areas.

Update 2: Yes, your suggestions works. Now, looks like my light strips are much too bright compared to the Hue play bars, perhaps a scale option somewhere for brightness, unless there is a way to do this already?

Thanks again!

Is there any progress regards Netflix, Amazon, etc. and external devices content?

I have tried with my fire tv cube 4k and am not able to get the lights to sync with any videos. Any update on this working?

First off, I would like to just throw some props towards the dev. All the engagement I have seen online from you has been very professional, attentive and polite. When I found out your age, I was even more impressed! I am amazed at the level-headedness displayed when responding to irate a-holes who seem to be too caught up with their own entitlements/appear too lazy to dig in and find out what features the app ACTUALLY claims to be able to handle (I know when I was at that age, I most definitely would not have been able to resist sprinkling in a bit of snark in my replies…).

Anyways, what brings me here is a question regarding using the sync with the Chromecast with Google TV. I gather the hardware itself isn’t ideal, but did notice a couple mentions that in regards to gaming, it works. Couple points I am curious about:

A) is this using a side loaded Stadia app?
B) if so, have you noticed whether the type of game (first-person shooter/sports/retro style/etc) has an impact on latency/performance of the light color response?

Thanks for your continued dedication to supporting the app, top-tier engagement with those of us who reach out, and everything you have done so far - keep up the great work!!

Does the app also work with kodi or not on android tv.

Hey! I use a freebox player (it is an Android TV) from Free internet provider.

I install the app and setup my scene. When i click on start synchronize, the freebox player restart.

Sorry for english, this is not my mother tongue.

Edit: force quit the app and restart correct the issue. But sync only work on preview images and not on the video.

Philips Hue changed their API in the latest bridge update for the Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip which broke Hue Essentials. I am working on a fix. See for more information: Gradient lightstrip not working anymore

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Ok but i dont have a hue gradient lightstrip. My scene is compose of 3 e27 bulb and one classic lightstrip. But i wait for your fix and come back to you after. Thanks!


Tempted to buy the gradient strip and use this app to sync the lights. My device is an nvidia shield tv and I am using kodi to play my media.

Does this sync with 4k hdr (Dolbyvision) content (I don’t mean drm protected content) in kodi? Also, does mediacodec surface or hardware acceleration have to be disabled? What method is hue essentials using to pull screen data?

I have successfully set up Sync with deCONZ and a Nvidia Shield TV. It also works fine with Philips Hue lamps. Now I have added a LIDL Livarno Lux LED Stripe (“modelid”: “HG06104A”). However, the colors are not synchronized with this one. It is only switched on at startup and switched off when exiting. Is it possible that it does not work because the stripe only supports the colormode “xy”, but not “hs”.
Is support for the Stripe even possible or should I rather get the Philips Hue White & Col. Amb. lightstrip instead?
Many thanks!

As an addition: The LED stripe can otherwise be fully controlled in the Hue Essentials app, only the sync of the colors does not work in Entertainment.

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Thanks @steff75 for letting me know. I was able to reproduce the issue with the LIDL Livarno Lux LED Strip and it will be fixed in the next update. Version 1.22.2 on Android and version 1.16.1 on iOS.

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@Archimedes there may be some issues with Dolby Vision with Sync. Please let us know your experience here: Dolby Vision support for Sync on Android TV

Note that you need Hue Essentials version 1.22.0 or higher for the gradient strip to work.

@Anthony_Laulom there are some issues with Sync not working with videos on all types of Android TVs. Maybe your TV has the same issue. Do I understand correctly that Sync works in the menus and e.g. home screen of your TV, but as soon as you start a video it stops working?

@Thei_Jöris Hue Essentials is compatible with Android TV, so if you run Kodi on your Android TV it should work.

@DavyBones I still need to make a topic with more details about this, but what I found out that videos do not work well unless you lower the video quality a lot. I tried some simple games from the Play Store and they appeared to work. I am not sure about Stadia, if that works on the Chromecast, it could be that Hue Essentials works with that as well, but I have not tried that. Please let us know your experience.

Is not stoping because if I go back to menu, lights are still sync but yes that is what you describe. On menu lights change but during video nothing happens.

Is it work with Dune MediaPlayers? E.g Dune Real Vision 4K? - that is also an android base media player.

Same problem on sony tv with kodi 4k hdr is lagging,only sdr is working.
And there is no cure for this problem…

Nice but hdr 4k wont run whitout hardware acceleration…

I have beelink gt king Android tv box
I have hue essentials premium
Philips lights

I can’t sync with videos. In any app (YouTube. Kodi) and also if I watch my own videos, when they start. The light go off

How can I fix it ? Thank you