Dolby Vision support for Sync on Android TV

Hello, I just bought the app for my Shield TV Pro. Everything works fine including HDR. But dolby vision colors don’t match, can this be fixed?

Thanks for reporting this issue. Could you please let me know what type of video player you are using?

Got the same problem.

I play my videos in Kodi on Nvidia Shield Pro.

Colors are off for me to when playing Dolby Vision files inside Kodi. Also, if Hue Essentials sees a black or dark section of the screen or can’t read the screen, the lightstrip colors turn green. This happens in HDR and non-HDR as far as i know.

Is there a way I can see what Hue Essentials is seeing on screen? I mean a miniature window just like when you choose camera as a source for syncing inside Hue Essentials.

I would like to help improve sync :). I will test Plex as that one uses a modified Exoplayer, and Kodi’s default player is proprietary. Perhaps that makes a difference.

Hi, I also have this issue. I have encountered it on Plex and Kodi. the problem with sync on Dolby vision videos is that the color displayed on the bulbs/lamps/strips is just green and magenta. Now if you have a tv or a streaming device that does not support Dolby vision the colors of the video are mismatched, basically the video has only two colors green and magenta. And I think sync receives only this two colors and this is the reason that sync on Dolby vision displays only green and magenta.

I have the same problem. However, my setup meets all conditions to play Dolby Vision (Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019, Plex, Sony X900H).
The colors are always displayed green and magenta at sync. HDR works perfectly.

Would be really great if this can be fixed

Same issue here. Nvidia shield pro, using Plex. Synced colors are what I see when playing DV content with DV turned off.

Any ETA when hue essentials will support Dolby Vision? HDR works flawlessly on my Sony XH9505 in combination with Stremio. The noticeably better quality Dolby Vision is always wrong with colors on the screen though. Hoping this will get a update very soon :crossed_fingers:t3: