Quick Access Device Controls (Android 11)

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wow! that was implemented very quickly. I’ll have to try it out before i can give proper feedback but it looks extremely good from the screenshots!

I assume groups and lights are ones that you can adjust brightness with and scenes are more of a one-click trigger type thing.

Hey Thomas, I just got the recent update with the Android Device Controls. It’s great but I noticed that the “Add” screen on that also has the same issue: it only shows rooms and lights etc. that are associated with a room, but not ones that do not have a room associated.

I’d also make an improvement suggestion: right now when the power button screen is opened when there’s no connection to the bridge, after trying to load for a while the device controls seem to show the last detected status of the lights. so for example it’ll show the lights as on if the last time it connected the light was on. it should instead show that it’s not connected.


Android 11 device controls are now available in Hue Essentials 1.17.0. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

When I’m trying to use the device control tiles in the android 11 power menu, I discoverd some problems for me:

  • when I press or slide to change a group or a single bulb, it works but the tile does not update at all. Only leaving the power menu and getting in again updates the used tile.
  • there are no scenes I could add as a tile to the menu, only groups and single bulbs. But in the widget And of course the app itself I can used programmed scenes.

I use an oneplus Nord with the recently released android 11 update. Furthermore I use a ikea tradfri bridge and ikea smart bulbs only. Could this be a problem for using the device control menu?!


Is it possible to set motion sensor on/off to the quick access?

At the moment it is not possible to toggle a motion sensor from the Android device controls. However, that will be added in the next update of the app (version 1.20.0)

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I didn’t even know I was able to select something else than shitty Smartthings…So I just looked, but…no Essentials? Only Google Home (or Smartthings).
I own a Samsung Note 10+, all updated.
What to do?

You need to tap the three dots and tap Manage apps. Also please check if you have One UI 3.1 installed. See the following instructions: Quick Access Device Controls (Android 11)

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Thank you Thomas, “Manage apps” will do the trick.

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You can now toggle motion sensors (and other smart controls) from the device controls. Let me know what you think about it.

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Really nice.
Is it possible to show the temperature history of a motion sensor somehow, or is it just in time?

Great to hear! Historical data is not available on a Hue bridge so there is not much I can do about that at this time.

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Hi there,
Is there anybody out there with the same problem (especially the tile / slide / no update one)?

@Sib_Schmitz sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Both problems you mentioned should be fixed now. Could you please try updating the app and let me know if it works now? If you are still experiencing issues, please share your crash identifier: Crash identifier

Hi, which add-on should I purchase to enable this feature if I don’t want to purchase the full premium package?

The Android 11 device controls are only included in premium at the moment.

I have a philips hue bluetooth connected to the app and the premium package, why is the device control page saying “compatible controls unavailable”?

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Any updates for Android 13? Is it possible to control devices without unlocking phone?

See Android 13 Control from locked device - #4 by Thomas for updates.