Multiple bridges in Hue Essentials

Do you like hue lights a lot and you have too many of them for one bridge?

Perhaps you even want to have a Philips Hue Bridge next to an IKEA TRÅDFRI Gateway? If you are really into it, you could be using a diyHue bridge or deCONZ through a Raspberry Pi. Multiple bridges option is the answer for you.

Multiple bridges offers you unlimited functionality on one screen. No hassle switching tabs. No going to a settings menu and select one of the bridges you need. Multiple bridges show all your rooms or groups on one screen. Switches from all bridges on one screen. Just as if all bridges are one.

Create your living room and kitchen on one bridge. Your bedroom is on the next bridge together with the bathroom. Hue Essentials shows these rooms on one screen.

Multiple bridges package is unlimited. Perhaps you have more than 5 bridges. No problem! As long as your phone can handle it, feel free to add more and more. This package is really unlimited.

If you are into running effects (also known as animations or living scenes), you may have noticed that your bridge can get full quite quickly. Although Hue Essentials offers a clean-up effects option in the bridges menu, adding an extra bridge can be helpful in spreading the load.

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Is there any support right now if you have two bridges in seperate locations?