Motion sensor behaviour if light in group already on

Hi! I am new to Philips Hue and Hue Essentials and loving it so far.
Currently I am planing to automate everything using the Hue motion sensors so that there will be no need for manual actions in most cases.

Today I setup a motion sensor in my living room that is setup as a zone containing 2 rooms.
I did notice that the motion sensor are only being triggered when all lights in this zone are turned off, if any light is already turned on the motion sensor doesn’t activate the scene for this zone.
Is this correct behaviour?
Is it also correct to assume that the lights (if already turned on) will not change to the “after sunset” scene when new motion is detected?

If you configured the motion sensor in Hue Essentials, it should still trigger scenes when lights are on. However, it could be that the motion sensor is (temporarily) disabled because there is enough light. So if the lights are on, the motion sensors thinks it is light enough (day) already so it will not activate a scene.

To fix this, you would need to change the daylight sensitivity so the motion sensor is still active when your lights are on. Of course, if your lights are too bright, this will not really work very well.

What you could do instead is only trigger scenes between certain times on the motion sensor. Furthermore, set the daylight sensitivity so that the motion sensor triggers at every light level (even when bright). I think that would work better in your situation.

You can find the daylight sensitivity options under the three dots on the motions sensor configuration screen.

You cannot assume this, as it depends on the light level. It could be that one time it does trigger when the lights are dimmed a bit, but if the lights are brighter it does not trigger. It is on the wish list to make this an option, see the following: Motion sensor - Trigger only when lights are off

Hi @Thomas,

I just noticed that this is not working as intended for me.
I reset the motion sensor yesterday and reconfigured it with the wizard just to make sure I have no old faulty settings.
My current setup is:

07:00-23:00 Set Hall to: Bright
23:00-07:00 Set Hall to: Nightlight
No Motion:
07:00-23:00 In 1 hour: Dim & Switch off Hall
23:00-07:00 In 5 minutes: Dim & Switch off Hall.

So what happens is if we trigger the motion sensor 06:59 the Hall lights up in “Nightlight”
Then if we trigger it again 07:01 it does not switch to “Bright” but the “No motion” timer looks to be updated since it will not “Dim & Switch off Hall” until 08:01.
Looking at the motion sensor I see it gets triggered and “Last movement” is updated every time we move around.
Also I have set the “Daylight sensitivity” to “Sunlight” so it should trigger no matter the light level.

Is there anything I can do to have it retrigger after 07:00 to get the “Bright scene” without having to manually turn off the lights first?

Thanks and best regards