Motion sensor - Trigger only when lights are off

Is there a way to configure the motion sensor so it triggers the motion or no-motion action only when all lights related to it are off? Something like the “Do not disturb my scenes” formula in hue lab. I found that I can suspend the motion sensor from a button on a dimmer switch and that would do the trick. But if I turn on a scene from my phone, the motion sensor will still trigger.
Maybe I am missing something? Is there a way to do that?

Thank you!


Hello, at the moment this is not possible in Hue Essentials. It is on the wish list for future development.


Do you have any update about timing for this feature request?

Currently I am stuck in a difficult place between using Philips Hue Labs Do not disturb and Hue Essentials, with neither doing what I want.

It does seem to be a glaring issue in both apps where it is difficult to set up a room with both a switch or button as well as motion detector and have them play nicely together.

I think it would be great for Hue Essentials to have a wizard that allows the configuration of both a switch and a motion sensor for a room. The motion sensor switching the light most of the time with the ability to override with the switch.

For example, the bathroom lights could be turned on nightlight/dimmed depending on time of day with 2 minute timeout. But if showering the switch cancels motion event, sets light to bright and prevents motion triggering as light is already on so to prevent lights turning off when in shower.

Trigger when lights are off is the missing piece I think, even if having to manually program instead of wizard.

I am also using the Hue Lab’s Do Not Disturb My Scene formula. Being able to bypass motion Sensor actions when a scene is active would be a major boon and would allow me to put Hue Labs to bed and use Hue Essentials solely for all my needs. Please, please, please make this happen :grin:

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