Lidl Smart Home Motion Sensor

Hi has anybody been able to connect the Lidl (SilverCrest) Smart Motion Sensor (SMSZ 1 A1) to a Philips Hue gateway?

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No they are not supported yet, also the smartplug is seen as an unknkwn device by the app.

Haven’t tried it yet, will do so, this weekend. I’ve read positive feedback about connecting them via Touchlink? Smartplugs are working on the bridge, visible as a smartplugs in the Philips Hue app, but in His Essentials as unknown. But they work perfectly!

Screenshot_20201128-011233_Hue Essentials|506x500

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Didn’t get Motion and Windows Sensors working yet - neither with Hue Bridge nor with tradfri or raspbee…but I’m sure there’ll be an update soon

Hi, no, i do not get the smsz1a1 smart motion sensor working on the hue bridge yet.
The home smartplug, as wel as the gu10 non color spot work fine. However, it took me a while to get the smartplug working.

Anyone got the lidl / silvercrest smart motion sensor working on the hue bridge?

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The programmers of HUE Essentials did not receive any samples of the Lidl devices before they were released and therefore no adjustments clould be made in HUE Essentials so far.
Many things are already working except for some minor problems, like the wrong icons, but e.g. the christmas tree lighting needs a little more programming to integrate it perfectly. The devices from Lidl will be integrated. It depends on the bridge if they will be recognized. As you know, Hue Essentials works with gateways of many brands, and for each of them an adjustment must be made.

Die Programmierer von HUE Essentials haben vor der Veröffentlichung keine Muster der Lidl-Geräte erhalten, so dass bisher keine Anpassungen in HUE Essentials vorgenommen werden konnten.
Viele Dinge funktionieren bereits, bis auf einige kleinere Probleme, wie z.B. die falschen Icons, aber z.B. die Weihnachtsbaum-Beleuchtung braucht noch ein wenig mehr Programmierung, um sie perfekt zu integrieren. Die Geräte von Lidl werden integriert werden. Es hängt von der Brücke ab, ob sie erkannt werden. Wie Sie wissen, funktioniert Hue Essentials mit Gateways vieler Marken, und für jede von ihnen muss eine Anpassung vorgenommen werden.

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Icons for the LIDL lights/plugs have been added in Hue Essentials 1.15.1 for Android and 1.9.1 for iOS. The update should be available for everyone now.

The LIDL motion sensor should work when connected using Touchlink. Still need to try this myself and write a tutorial. For now, you could follow the steps for the IKEA smart controls which should be similar: How to connect IKEA TRĂ…DFRI smart controls to a Philips Hue bridge?. Let us know your experience, please.

Hi Thomas the icons are working as you expect. Thanks.
The motion sensor is a bit more tricky. I bought the Lidl gateway and connected the motion sensor to it to find out it works differently then I expected working with the Philips HUE version. So I will think for a moment what I am going to do.
I am new to the HUE essentials app so not sure how automation works. As far as I can see it is not in the free version. My ultimate goal would be to remove the Lidl gateway and have the light, plug, remotes and motion sensor on the HUE bridge.
Thanks for now.

Hello, I got 2 Motion Sensors because I naively thought anything Zigbee should work with hue. Unfortunetly the IKEA Method does not work, or I am too stupid to do it properly. The sensor has a like hole with a reset switch for going in to pairing mode and has also a button on the back which isn’t documented at all. Experiments with the christmas lights let me assume, that the LIDL products are actually rebranded from Tuya if that helps somehow.

The hole is indeed the reset option if you hold it long enough OR is the option to put it in pairing mode (hold for 2 sec, green fast flashing led). I also have been looking to the purpose of the other button. As I understand it now it is for the manipulation option. The sensor should be mounted on the wall with the mounting plate, you can slide the sensor on the mount so the button is pushed in. If somebody removes the sensor from the mount you will get the alarm in the Lidl home app (which you then can automate).

I also have the LIDL Motion Sensor and it doesn’t work with the hue Bridge. I bought the touchlink but it didn’t work.

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Same here. I tried several times, but it didn’t work.

Sorry if this isn’t the right topic, but has anyone had any luck getting the Lidl extension strip to work? It looks like it pairs, but it doesn’t even appear in the device list for me.

I bought The same extension from Lidl and I was not able to connected with the Hugh bridge either

Same here. Tried several times no success.

Is there anything new about this topic? I kept them because I hoped they will work soon.

Any news?
Has anyone succeeded?

Would also like to know if someone got this working.
I saw they are back in stock and really need me some motion sensors

Just trying here, but it is not working in my home app.
The lidl lights are in… the sensor not… :frowning:

Same here. Is there already a solution?