Lidl Smart Home Motion Sensor

I’d say no chance via Hue Bridge, since they tend not to support 3rd party hardware.
Everything works fine with Raspbee/Conbee & Hue Essentials.

Do you Day That you have the motion sensor working correct with hue essentials.

Can you explain how you configured this .

I got a Raspberry Pi with a Conbee Stick running as Zigbee Gateway, which is also connected zu Hue Essentials.
I set up the sensor in Phoscon App and after that it shows up in HE. Had to update Conbee firmware first in order to get the sensor recognized.

Thanks, i bought the conbee stick and will see what happens

No success for me. Hue App seems to support only two motion sensors

  1. Hue Motion Sensor
  2. Hue Outdoor Sensor

The Lidl Motion Sensor Reset button has two functions

  • press for 2s: LED is flashes fast in green: register with gateway
  • press for 5s: LED is flashing 6x: de-register from gateway