"Cancel motion sensor actions" not working (previously "Suspend motion sensor")

I am working with deCONZ on a Raspbi, Hue Essentials on iOS, version 1.7.4

I am using a Philips motion sensor to activate a light scene at night and to switch off the group if motion is no longer detected.

What I am trying to do is deactivating the motion sensor’s action if I am recalling a scene by a Philips dimmer switch (or whatever else source). So I added „suspend motion sensor“ (Cancel motion sensor actions) to the dimmer switch‘s action list.

Unfortunately this has no effect at all!

The light scene I activated is ignored and the motion sensor‘s off-action is still being executed. The „suspend motion sensor“ (Cancel motion sensor actions) setting has no effect at all!

I already tried resetting the motion sensor by using the configuration assistant. Also letting the configuration assistant create the default motion sensor’s actions did not help.

Am I doing something wrong?

If not it would be great if you could have a look into this as it is a mandatory functionality for me.

What I also like to see is a „suspend motion sensor“ (Cancel motion sensor actions) option if a specific light is on in the room already. I.e. no automatic action if I already switched a light on manually!

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Hi, I’m having the same issue with “Suspend motion sensor”. I would like to disable the motion sensor after pressing the ON button on a dimmer switch so that the lights would stay on and not turn off after the motion sensor has detected movement. Is there an issue with “Suspend motion sensor” or am I doing something wrong?

Same here. Suspend Motion Sensor feature just doesn’t work

Hello everyone, thanks for the details.

Here is an explanation how the “Cancel motion sensor actions” works: How to use "Cancel Motion Sensor Actions". There are some issues with this not working correctly on deCONZ, I still need to look into this

Another related feature request is the following: Motion sensor activate /deactivate?

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Please, Is there any solution to this? Are you planning to fix it?

@Roman_Pindela, as said above I need to look into it why this is not working correctly on deCONZ. Are you using deCONZ as well?

I guess I don’t use deCONZ. I really don’t know what it is. It would be great if motion senser would be halted. Please help.

As I’m running deCONZ and would love this feature to put motion sensors to work, put me on the test list please, when you have an idea how to tackle this problem @Thomas

I’m not using deCONZ, just pure Philips elements (bridge, motion sensor, bulbs, dimmer switch). I’ve read your explanation and I always thought it should work as you have written. But it doesn’t. If I’m inside room with motion sensor and press dimmer button which has two actions: activate scene and suspend motion sensor, light will switch off after several minutes without detected motion. Very annoying in bathroom situation and shower - just like you explained. My wife was so angry about me and Hue system I had to buy second motion sensor and install it in shower area (no idea how moisture will affect sensor though).

It should work correctly in your situation. Did you configure your motion sensor in Hue Essentials using the wizard? Please configure your motion sensor first, and then add the Cancel motion sensor actions action to your dimmer switch. That should work, if it doesn’t please let me know so I will look into this.

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Yes I configured everything in Hue Essentials app. It doesn’t work.

What I have discovered:

  1. Outside motion sensor range I press dimmer switch button (activate scene and cancel motion sensor actions)
  2. Light stays lit all the time - it works
  3. I enter area within motion sensor range (sensor detects me and detection activates a scene)
  4. I leave area within motions sensor range - (sensor no longer is detecting me)
  5. Light turns off after a while.

So from what I have discovered cancel motion sensor action is working as long as you aren’t in that room. This use case is simply useless and not the way you had described this.

Hi Thomas, I have the same problem with hue equipment. So please let me now when this will be fixed. Thx

Please take a look at the following feature which can be used to toggle a motion sensor: Motion sensor activate/deactivate? - #16 by Thomas