All about orders and refunds

We are very thankful when you decide to purchase something in Hue Essentials. Still, we can imagine that something went wrong during the purchase. Sometimes you pay for an in-app-purchase but it does not seem to work. What to do next?

Purchased or not?

First check what you ordered. Go to the upgrade screen in Hue Essentials and locate your in-app-purchase like for instance “Premium”. If all went well, then it says “purchased”. It also tells you what the package, in this case “premium”, contains. However, if you do not see “purchased” but a price or “buy”, then it was not purchased.


Sorry, we do not offer subscriptions at this time. Only a one time purchase to get the package you get to keep forever.


Suppose you are sure you purchased it and the in-app-purchase did not activate, you can look for the “Restore” button on the upgrade screen. You find this at the top in iOS or at the bottom in Android. Follow the instructions in Android what to do. The iOS app should restore directly after you tap the button.

New phone or reset

Let’s say that you restored your complete phone after a reset and Hue Essentials did not restore your purchase automatically. Please check the following:

  • Use the restore function on the upgrade screen (see above).
  • Check if you are using the correct Apple or Google account on which you made the purchase.
  • Android: If you are using multiple Google accounts on your phone, then Hue Essentials may have been installed on the wrong account. Resolve this by uninstalling Hue Essentials. Open the Play Store. Log in to the correct Google account in the left menu. Then install Hue Essentials again.

Purchase not seen (Android)

It could also be that you purchased an item and even money was deducted from your payment method but you cannot get it to work. In that case, it could be that the purchase was unsuccessful in some way. Google sometimes stops a payment under the flag “payment declined”. In such cases, often an invalid payment method was used like an expired credit card or a telecom provider not allowing for transactions. If money was deducted, Google refunds this automatically which can take a few days or longer; more info at:

Family library

Apple and Google in-app-purchases are not eligible for sharing through family library. We cannot change their policies on this topic.

Refunds (Google)

If you really regret your purchase made in the Android version, then contact with your Google Order ID. Find your Google Order ID in:

  • Your inbox for your Gmail account linked to your purchases; they are sent by Google Play. It is called Order Number.
  • Directly in your Google Payments. Log in to (if site does not work properly, do it on your PC). Go to Subscriptions and services, view purchases, find the Hue Essentials purchases (one of them is sufficient). Open it and find the Transaction ID (something like GPA.XXXXXXXXXXXX).

Refunds (Apple)

We would be sorry to see you go! Apple is in charge of refunds and a developer has no control in this process. Please find more details on how to get a refund from Apple at:

Refunds from Philips Hue or other brands

Please contact your reseller directly about your physical products. Hue Essentials does not sell light bulbs but only the app Hue Essentials.