Touch link button doesn’t work on iOS app

Hi there,

I upgraded to the premium version of the app and when trying to add a device, the Touchlink button appears on screen for a couple of seconds then disappears. Nothing happens when I press the button and it is not possible to link any devices. Tested the problem on my iPhone XR and on an iPhone 8 - same problem on both.

Anyone else have this problem, and more importantly are the devs aware of it?

Hi, when you press the touchlink button the app shows a touchlink message for a few seconds, just like you described. That means the touchlink was executed. The light should blink, if not, try the touchlink again. After the light blinked, tap the search for lights button and your light should be found.

There was a bug in Hue Essentials that the search for lights button did not work. Please update to the latest version on the App Store (version 1.7.3 has a fix).

Please let me know if you have any further questions.