Windows Entertainmeint Sync not working


I downloaded the App in Windows 11 Appstore and want to use the Sync Feature for Gaming and Videos. I set up my Deconz Bridge, the Entertainment Area but it doesn`t work. With starting the Sync feature the selected lights dim blue but nothing more happens. Also tried to run the App as admin but with no success.

The Discomode works fine with the input of the microphone. But I can`t select any other source. Is this as designed?

What can I do to get it work? Is there also a way to select system audio?

It would be very great if the sync would work. :slight_smile:

Hello @McDin, thank you for the feedback.

I would like to fix this. Can you please share your crash identifier? I think the app may be crashing in the background. See: Crash identifier

The disco mode on Windows only supports Microphone input at this time. I am planning to add more options like system audio (speaker output) in a future update. Lots of features are still under development as noted on the upgrade screen. The Windows app was just released a few weeks ago.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Thomas,

thanks for your fast reply. The identifier is: 7ae439f4-1165-43a8-b88a-7252dc8cad88

Thank you for the crash identifier. I can see that the app runs into error -2005270524 when starting the Sync. I am looking into it but it seems that there are some issues starting a screen capture. Could you please let me know what type of GPU you are using?

Could you also please do the following?

  1. Open the START menu
  2. Enter the following text and press Enter afterwards: dxdiag
  3. Let me know the “DirectX version” in the dialog. You can just reply with it here or send a screenshot of the dialog if you are not sure.

It is an Geforce RTX 3060 in a HP Omen 15 Laptop.
DirectX Version is 12. Maybe a problem choosing the right GPU caused by integrated Graphics of the AMD Ryzen?

Here the Screenshots:

Thank you very much for the detailed information. I am looking into it.