Unable to pair to DiyHue

I’m trying to pair the latest version of Hue Essentials for iOS (1.21.1) to the latest version of DiyHue (latest from Docker).

When I add the bridge to Hue Essentials, it asks me to press the Link Button which I do (using the DiyHue webpage). On the iOS app it quickly (less than 1 second) flashes an Error pop-up but it goes away too quickly. The app then continues to ask to “Press the push-link button on the bridge.”

Can I send any logs or anything else to provide more information?

The app should show an error message, not sure why it doesn’t work for you on iOS.

Can you try pairing Hue Essentials on Windows, macOS, or Android, and check what the error message is?

Alternatively, can you share your crash identifier, please? Crash identifier