Trådfri gateway not working

Hi I bought the second option after premium to use multiple bridges, a philips hue and a Tradfri. It’s clearly stated in the features that you can control a tradfri bridges. It doesn’t.

I bought it five minutes ago. I would like a refund please.

I love your app and bought immediately the premium version plus a pack of effects, but clearly, multiple bridges isn’t compliant to description.

Thank you guys

The Android version of Hue Essentials can control the Trådfri gateway. If you get an error, please share it so I can look into it. A screenshot would be helpful.

The iOS version of Hue Essentials does not support the Trådfri gateway. We do not mention anywhere that the Trådfri gateway is supported on iOS. If you are using iOS, please let me know where you saw that the Trådfri gateway is supported.

For a refund, please see the following: All about orders and refunds

Let me know if you have any questions.