Switch on a group of lights at sunset

This is an example of an automation in Hue Essentials. This automation will switch on a group of lights at sunset. It can be customised further to your liking.

  1. Open Hue Essentials
  2. Go to the Automation tab
  3. Tap the + button to create an automation
  4. Enter a name for your automation
  5. Tap the Add event button and select Day and night
  6. Select Sunset for this event, and select which days you want to repeat it on
  7. Tap the Add action button and select Toggle group
  8. Select a room/group and make sure the state is set to Switch on
  9. Save the automation

Instead of switching on a group, you could also activate a scene, set a group colour or brightness, start an effect, and much more.

Why is it not possible to set a time before SunRise or SunDown? You can set only a positive amount of time after sunset. But I want it to be possible to put the light on at an hour before sunset. That makes sense doesn’t it?

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