Switch on a group of lights at a specified time

This is an example of an automation in Hue Essentials. This automation will switch on a group of lights at a specified time. It can be customised further to your liking.

  1. Open Hue Essentials
  2. Go to the Automation tab
  3. Tap the + button to create an automation
  4. Enter a name for your automation
  5. Tap the Add event button and select Time
  6. Select a time for this event (for example 21:00), and select which days you want to repeat it on
  7. Tap the Add action button and select Toggle group
  8. Select a room/group and make sure the state is set to Switch on
  9. Save the automation

Instead of switching on a group, you could also activate a scene, set a group colour or brightness, start an effect, and much more.