Switch lights based on daylight sensor

Every day I switch the lights in my backyard based on a routine triggered by “after sunset”. Although i delayed this trigger by half a hour, most of the time they switch on to early (it is not dark by that time).

My question: is it possible to start/trigger a routine based on the daylight-sensor? Or maybe even better: to add an option for the motion sensor to do “something” based on the daylight-sensor without any motion has to be involved?

You mentioned you set the sunset offset to 30 minutes. Could you try increasing this to an hour and see if that solves the problem?

Your question about the daylight sensor, it is on our wish list.

Well actually my information was not completely right. In the official hue app it is only possible to bring forward sunset time and not to postpone it.

For now I resolved my problem by using the clip api debugger tool and manually adjust the sunsetoffset property.

Glad to hear my feature-request is already on your wishlist!

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You should be able to do that in Hue Essentials as well. In Hue Essentials go to the devices tab, select your bridge, tap Location. Here you can configure a time offset for all schedules.

You can now trigger actions based on the motion sensor light level. See for more information: Light level measurement from motion sensor as variable in other rules? - #3 by Thomas

The ability to trigger actions based on the bridge’s built-in daylight sensor is still on the wish list.