Start timer from a switch


Is it possible to start a timer from a switch button ?

Hi, this is not possible at the moment. What would you like to do with a timer? On Philips Hue you can add an effect to a switch which may do what you want.

I would like to start a light and a ventilator when coming into a toilet and stop 10 minutes after the ventilator I have an osram plug

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I would like to trigger a timer from a switch, too: I would like a group of lights to dim down very slowly for a small kid to go to sleep (like a sunset) but the time changes every day, hence I would have to manually trigger it from a switch next to the bed instead of the phone. Is this technically possible? (running a phoscon bridge / raspbee 2)

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Thank you for the feedback! Sounds like a good idea. It is on the wish list for future development.

I am also urgently waiting for this function.
I have a staircase with three floors. I would like to install several switches that start the same timer that switches the light on and switches it off again when the timer is up.
In Germany this is called “Treppenhausschaltung” :wink: