Start timer from a switch


Is it possible to start a timer from a switch button ?


Hi, this is not possible at the moment. What would you like to do with a timer? On Philips Hue you can add an effect to a switch which may do what you want.

I would like to start a light and a ventilator when coming into a toilet and stop 10 minutes after the ventilator I have an osram plug

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I would like to trigger a timer from a switch, too: I would like a group of lights to dim down very slowly for a small kid to go to sleep (like a sunset) but the time changes every day, hence I would have to manually trigger it from a switch next to the bed instead of the phone. Is this technically possible? (running a phoscon bridge / raspbee 2)

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Thank you for the feedback! Sounds like a good idea. It is on the wish list for future development.

I am also urgently waiting for this function.
I have a staircase with three floors. I would like to install several switches that start the same timer that switches the light on and switches it off again when the timer is up.
In Germany this is called “Treppenhausschaltung” :wink:

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Same here : Staircase, with several lights. Kids always forget the lights on. i’ve been thinking of a sensor but would need several sensors, and the overcost is really too high. Plus the fact, it would trigger even when not needed, given the physical configuration.
Starting a timer with a switch would be perfect. I don’t see how hard it can be to be developed

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Same here:
Starting a timer with a switch would be perfect to turn off my TV Beamer after the cool down phase.
Is there a new information when we can calculate with that update :slight_smile:
Best regards and thanks

Hello. One more vote for this!
I want to turn on a light from a dimmer Switch and have that light turn off automatically after a set time. During this time the Dimmer Switch should work normally, ie I should be able to dim down or up the lights and the timer countdown shouldn’t be affected by this.

Hi, I’m interrested too by this feature :slight_smile:

I have 2 sensors (using Hue Labs Couple Sensor) that trigger lights to go on after movement. After 2 minutes lights are turned off. All fine…but I would like to press a switch button that will temporary disable the sensors and put the lights for an x-amount of minutes on a different scene.
Reason; sometimes I do some work sitting still at my desk so sensors wouldn’t see movement. To avoid leaving on the lights I want the previous mode (sensor controls the lights) to be active again after f.e. 15 or 20 minutes. So different case, but same need for a timer!

I do see a pattern here on the forum; many wishes, lots of adding to a wishlist by Hue Essential but very little outcome in terms of implementations.

Curious to hear what effect you had in mind here and how to set it up? How does this effect work exactly? Might have useful scenarios for it. :slight_smile:

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