Philips motion sensor keeps changing lights when I’m wandering around

Hello! Il try to explain the best I can hopefully someone will know my predicament!

I live in an apartment. I have a hallway sensor that switches the hallway on and works perfectly when my partner or I come home or when I go to the bathroom etc in the night.

I have another sensor through the hall into the main area (kitchen dining & snug). What I’m wanting is when I come home and through that the main area the sensor to switch the lights on for the kitchen, dining & snug.

What’s happening is it is throughout the evening as people move around (or my dog) it is continuing to sense that movement then changing all the lights back to the bright setting (set to when I come home).

We’ve both tried the ‘come home’ setting but doesn’t work and turns off the lights when one is home etc and just isn’t consistent.

Is there any way around this with the sensor?

Is there any way around this?

Any directions would be really helpful!

Thanks in advance