Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus not connecting over Bluetooth

Hi everyone, I just bought a Lightstripes Plus in order to fit with my others Philips Hue lights (E27 Bluetooth).
I have a problem to connect the Lightstripes with Hue Essentials app, the app does not find the light, I have no hue bridge so I bought only Bluetooth lights

I have no problem with the 2 others lights

Any advice or tips ?

I’m french user so sorry if I made mistakes in my sentences

Thanks again

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Could you remove your lightstrip from power, wait for a few seconds, and connect it again? Then try to search again in Hue Essentials. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Thomas for your response, I have already try this method but I got the same result, the Bluetooth Lightstrip is not find by the app, I research the Lightstrip with the function “Light” but I have checked for " plug connected" too and got the same issue, the lightstrip is recognized by the Philips Hue BT.

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Also having the same issue. LED strip connects without and issue on the Hue BT app but cant find it on the Hue Essentials. Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

Thanks for the additional details. I was able to reproduce the issue and will look into it.

Thanks again Thomas, waiting for your feedbacks :pray:

Kind Regards

Fixed in Hue Essentials 1.16.2 for Android and 1.10.2 for iOS. Please update the app to the latest version. Could you let me know if it works for you now?

Hello Thomas, thanks for the update, I’ll be back home tomorrow, going to test it and share with you if it work, thanks again

Hi, i cant get this tog work. I just intalled the .17 version and i wont connect via bluetooth. I have a Sony A8 with a lightstrip behind and it connects instant with the android phone app but not with the tv app.

Thanks for the feedback. You mentioned that it connects on your phone, so it looks like the fix works for you. To connect it with your TV (or another device), please remove your lightstrip from power, wait for at least 10 seconds, and connect it again. Please let me know if that works for you.

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I’m having the same problem and this solution is not working for me.

I’ve got a similar issue with my Philipps Hue Lightstrip.

I cannot detect the Lightstrip from the Philipps Hue BT App anymore.

I wanted to manage the Lightstrip from an other device. But, from the new Iphone, using the Philipps Hue BT app, the Lightstrip is not detected.

And I unfortunately uninstalled the app from the previous device.
And now, even from the previous device, I tried to re install everything but the Lightstrip remains not detected.
Fyi, I do not have other Philipps Hue articles (remote control or bridge).

Thanks for your help


I’m having the exact same problem. My light strip worked fine over bluetooth on my old phone. I recently got a new phone and the Philips Bluetooth app will not find the light strip. So, now I can’t set it up to be controlled on my new phone and I no longer have my old phone.

I have a similar problem. I turn off the hue light strip with the bluetooth app and after a power outage it will no longer turn on. I also can’t find it anymore with my BT app.

I got the same issue. The Hue lightstrip can no longer connect to my Hue BT app and my lights keep turning on which I has to turn it off manually. I got this issue after upgrading the Hue BT app. Please fix this issue.

@Quincy @Lydia_Großhennig @Jacksonkp4 @TDV It seems that you are talking about the Hue Bluetooth App. Please note that this community is about the Hue Essentials app, which is a third party app for Philips Hue lights created by me. I can only help you if you are experiencing issues with my app. I cannot change anything in the official Hue Bluetooth App. Please contact Philips Hue if you are experiencing issues with their app.

Hi Thomas, I was not aware. Thank you for clarification! I was actually able to solve my problem with the non-bluetooth hue app. There we were able to register the strip with the provided serial number. Afterwards it worked again with the bluetooth app.
But thank you so much for checking with us!