Notification if I forgot to turn off a light?

I don’t know if I chose the right category and I didn’t find something else about my topic.


Is it possible to get a notification If I leave my flat and forgot to turn off some lights?

In philips hue app you can set the lights to turn off or on automatically if u leave or arrive home. BUT sometimes I do have a friend at home and I leave for example to get a beer or something and of course I take my mobile with me and in this case I don’t want to turn off the lights automatically. But sometimes I forget to turn off the lights in my bedroom and I leave home. In this case I’d love to get a notification that there are still some lamps turned on, to chose if I turn them off OR ignore.

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Hope it’s understandable.

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See the following:

The only way to get this working is using polling. In your case a delay would not be that bad. It is not possible at the moment in Hue Essentials but it is on the wish list for future development.