No Huawei watch setting in Android app settings

Why is there no “Huawei watch” setting in the Hue essentials Android app settings, as described in the FAQ

I have this problem too. Got a new Huawei Watch GT3 Pro. There I installed “Hue Essentials” from the AppGallery. When starting, only a barcode appears.
In the app on my smartphone, there is no “Huawei watch” switch in the settings.
How do I link the app on the watch to the phone?

Thanks for the feedback, I am looking into it.

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Due to the new interface in Hue Essentials the settings screen was moved from the left menu to the bottom navigation bar. Open Hue Essentials on your phone, go to the Settings tab at the bottom, and enable the setting Huawei Watch.

Updated instructions: Where can I download Hue Essentials for Huawei watches?

If you are not able to see the Huawei Watch setting, please make sure you installed Hue Essentials on your phone from the Huawei AppGallery. Note that if you also have the Google Play version, the app will appear twice on your home screen. If the option is still missing, please share a screenshot of the settings screen.

Please let me know whether this resolves the issue.

Thanks! Works!

I wasn’t aware there was a hue essentials android app on Huaweis app store also…

I accidentally do have a huawei phone but most buying a huawei watch may not.

What is the reason for not having the huawei watch option in the app on google Play store?