New Ikea Dirigera bridge support

Hi fellow Hue users,

Ikea has released lately a new bridge called Dirigera and the old Tradfi one is no longer available. I have a Hue bridge and was maybe planning to add a Ikea Bridge and control everything from the Hue Essentials app. Now I was wondering if anybody tried to add the Dirigera bridge to the hue essentials app? Is this supported?

Many thanks!


I do have the same question.
Currently, I am using both HUE bridge and the original Ikea Tradfri bridge, but now I have already purchased the new Dirigera bridge to migrate all Ikea related devices to that new bridge.

Hopefully this bridge can be added to HUE Essentials.

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Yes! I would love to see support for it as well.
I bought the Dirigera bridge a few days ago, and I’ve tried adding it in the app, but it seems like it only supports Trådfri atm, which is a shame.

The app looks quite awesome honestly, so I would love to get it working with the Dirigera hub. If it’s half as good as it seems, and works well, I’d happily buy the premium version of it.

Any ETA of when support of it might be added would be awesome, since Trådfri can’t be bought anymore and there’s basically only legacy support for Ikea bridges atm.

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