Multiple presses - "idle" functionality, and request

Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Hue Essentials developer. I’m new to Hue lighting, bought my starter kit a couple of weeks ago and have also splashed out on a bunch of Lidl plugs, spotlights and IKEA Tradfri plugs, which have all connected seamlessly to my Hue bridge.
A big thing for me is having Hue dimmer switches (I stocked up on V1 as I prefer the design) in every room where there’s at least one smart device. I love your app’s ability to let me reprogram the buttons to do whatever I want.

Apologies if this has been asked before, but with regards to the “return to first press when idle” toggle, how long is “idle” exactly?

Also, the way I have my switch configured is that each of the four buttons turns a particular light on, or cycles through scenes for that light, with normal presses. Holding a button turns that same light off. When I then press the button again soon to turn it back on, I guess even before “idle” time is up, I’d like it to go back to the first press action rather than continue wherever I got up to. E.g. a “multiple presses” condition on a button which cycles through 8 scenes - if I reach press number 4, and then hold the button to turn that light off, it would be great if pressing it again, even immediately, started again from press/scene 1, rather than switching back on with press 5. If that’s not possible currently, is it something which could be quite easily implemented? Perhaps through an action which resets however far you’ve got through multiple presses?

Great to hear you like the app!

The idle time is 10 seconds. So if you do not press the button for 10 or more seconds, it will return to the first press.

For resetting multiple presses from a button action, please see the following:

Thanks Thomas! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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