Hue Dimmer Switch: Reset counter for multiple key presses

Hi. I am setting up my Hue Dimmer Switch with Hue Essentials in the following way:

  • Top button (On): Cycle through multiple scenes using multiple key presses (let’s call them scene 1, scene 2 and scene 3)
  • Bottom button (Off): Switch all lights in room off (no multiple key presses)

What happens is that when I press the top button twice is that “scene 2” is activated, which is expected. If I switch all lights off right after that using the “off” button and then press the “on” button again then “scene 3” is activated by the “on” button. However the cycle should start with “scene 1” again if the lights have been turned off in the meantime.

The original Hue app does handle this correctly. It also has support for cycling through 5 different actions and the cycle counter (keypress counter) is reset whenever the lights are turned off through the same dimmer switch. Is there a way to achieve this through Hue Essentials? I know about the timeout, but this is too long in my case.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. It is on the wish list for future development. Should not be too difficult to add to the app.

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Thanks, that sounds good.

@richy @sunnybacon this feature will be added in one of the next updates. That will be version 1.20.0 on Android and 1.14.0 on iOS. It should be available within the next few weeks. See for more information: Smart controls configuration (devices like switches or sensors)

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This is so cool, thank you a lot for your work on this!

Thank you so much Thomas! :slight_smile:

Will the action reset all multiple press configurations (for every button on that remote), or will we have to specify what gets reset?

You need to specify which multiple presses condition gets reset.

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Fantastic, exactly what I’d hoped for. Thanks!

This function is now available.

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This is so cool. I am already using it and it’s working just as I expected it. Thank you so much for taking the time to implement this! :+1:

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Cheers, using it too now, works perfectly!

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