More than one trådfri remotes with hue bridge

Hi Thomas,
I recently started adding ikea smart bulbs in my house, while connecting to Philips hue bridge. I further planned to add trådfri circle shape remotes in all rooms. I followed the instructions and the YouTube vdo to make it work with one smart control for one room (with multiple trådfri bulbs). But when I tried to repeat the process for second remote with trådfri bulbs in another room, it did not work. The behavior is such that either the bulb operates with remote or the app but not both. In the whole process of setting up I made sure that only the desired bulb was connected to main power so I made sure that none other could create any interference etc.
I am wondering if it is only possible to add a single trådfri smart control to one hue bridge ?
I hope I managed to explain my scenario in good detail, yet if you don’t understand, please ask. If my desired solution is not possible with blending hue+trådfri then I may switch to ikea only solution.


You should be able to connect multiple TRÅDFRI remotes on a Hue bridge. We tried that and it works. Please make sure you follow the steps correctly. See: How to connect IKEA TRÅDFRI smart controls to a Philips Hue bridge?
It is very important that the timing and order is exactly the same as in the steps above and in the video.