Increase/ decrease brightness with wall switch


apologies if this has been discussed before. I have a slight issue with the hue wall switch. I love the app so far, but i can’t solve this particular problem.

I want to use the wall switch to decrease and increase the brightness of one lamp by holding one button. The first holding should decreases and the second holding should increase the brightness. I tried to use the “multiple presses” function in the “holding” segment similar to the solution you can find in this thread:

But this does’t seem to work for my wall switch. Instead of decreasing on the first hold and increasing on the second hold the light is kind of pulsating. It decreases a lot and then slightly increases. This happens in a loop till the brightness is at its minimum. This happens no matter if it is the first or the second “hold”. I can’t use the Hue app because i need the motion sensor options of the hue essentials app.

Has anyone experienced this problem and could help me out?