FOH switch - on/off and dim up/down

Im trying to make an on/off and dim up/down function in one button.

Under press I have switch on if the group is off and switch off if the group is on.

Under hold I have 2 “press(hold)” one with decrease brightness 100% and one with increase brightness 100% both with fading time at 4 seconds.

Under release (hold) I have stop brightness change.

But it doesn’t work. I can turn group on and off, but when I turn group on and after hold the button, then group goes off :man_shrugging:t3:


I have a similar scenario, just with two Buttons, on the dimmer switch. So i have no condition “if on” / “if off”. But i also can switch light on an increase brightness with one Button - i just say “on hold increase by xx %” and xx is < 100. So it every hold that gets recognized increase the Brightness by e.g. 10% and when i just Keep Holding the same Button the Event gets triggert multiple times and dimming works.

Where did you find the “stop brightness change” Action?

I fixed the problem by help from Facebook Forum.

Maybe you Can see my solution in the pictures.