Hue motion sensor and automation


I have recently installed hue bulbs and two motion sensors in my driveway. (1 motion sensor looking out to the road to detect when we are coming home and one looking towards out doors to detect when we are going out). The motion sensors the works great and will turn on the lights to full brightness.
I have also made two automations, one that will turn on the outside light to 50% dim at sunset and turn them off at 23.00.
And one that will do the same but just for sunrise and turn then off again at 09.00.

My question is why the bulbs won’t return to the set dim level after a motion detector has turned them up to full brightness? I’ve set it to activate the bulbs for 7 minutes and return to previous state in the motion detector programming…

Can anyone help?

I have the exact same scenario and question!

To reiterate and share my situation:
X2 Overhead outdoor PARs over garage door.
X2 Porch outdoor PARs, one each entrance front / back

Ive just recently added one outdoor sensor near garage / driveway, and a second purchase not yet installed will go near most frequently used door / exit. I have the sensor(s) set to controll all three outdoor light groups.
So far, no matter what ive tried i cannot seem to get the correct sequence for outdoor lights to return to the dim setting from dusk / dawn - they stay in an off state once triggered by motion.

From your description it seems like you are trying to set up multiple motion sensors to control the same group of lights. Is that correct? In that case, please follow this topic for updates: Dual motion sensors, work in harmony?

If your request is different, please let me know.

Thank you for your reply
I actually only have ONE sensor installed / active right now. I purchased a second, but in my case not yet installed