Dual motion sensors, work in harmony?


I have a reasonable size kitchen and require 2 motion sensors to trigger the lights. Is there a way as such to pair the 2 so of either detect motion it keeps the lights on and if neither detect motion the lights turn off after a set period.

Is suspend motion sensor the right thing?

Hi, thanks for the idea. It is on the wish list. Apologies for the delay.

Cancel motion sensor actions (previously Suspend motion sensor) can be added to for example a dimmer switch. Then when using the dimmer switch it will “cancel” the motion sensor actions. That way the motion sensor will be disabled until there is new motion, to prevent it from interrupting the dimmer switch’s scene.
It could be possible that this option works with two motion sensors as well, but that is something we will need to look into and add support for in Hue Essentials.

Is like to have light and other motion sensors conditions on motion sensor (some of them are already available on switches/dimmers).

Lamp Corridor
Lamp Entry
Motion Sensor Corridor
Motion Sensor Entry

I want to have sensors work in tandem such:
If Corridor sensor is idle (ideally extra condition if all lamps are off), and Entry motion is triggered, activate all lamps (ideally different scenes depending on time)
If Corridor sensor is not idle, and Entry sensor is triggered, wait 2 min and turn off all lamps

This is to achieve a very simple behavior: light up when I enter the home, and turn everything off when I leave

Hello @bif, combining motion sensors as one is on the wish list for future development. I moved your post to this topic which has the same request, see above.

What you could try is configuring both of your motion sensors with the wizard for your single room of lights. Then add the Cancel motion sensor actions to both motion sensors on the motion tab, so that they cancel each other. That could work if you would like them to work together, but I have not tried that yet.

Any news about the topic? I got two motion sensors and they get in conflict sometimes.

I have this request as well

I have this request too.

Has anyone gotten this working without official support yet?


Still in development?

I also have some motion detectord that conglict

Same request here - when can we expect dual/pairing of two or more motion sensors to be implemented?

I am currently working on the switches and motion sensors configurations to align them more with the new Automation feature implemented recently. That means that lots of new features will be available. I also am planning to pick up this issue with multiple motion sensors. It is hard for me to give an exact time, but I can assure you that I will fix this soon.

Hi Thomas,

Any update on the multiple motion sensors stuff? I would really like to use is in my bathroom where I have two sensors.

Hi @Bart_van_der_Wurff, still working on it. There will be an update very soon with a new interface and lots of fixes and improvements for the motion sensors. Soon after that I will add support for multiple motion sensors. I have already prepared the code for this but still need to fix the last few things.

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@Thomas any updates on this? I am very keen for this feature as my current setup using the sensor couple lab from philips doesn’t work properly, often one of the sensors won’t trigger the lights if they’ve been triggered recently by that sensor, so really hoping your solution works better!

Can’t wait to see this in the app. Tried to use cancel motion of other sensors in my floor, but gives me the “unknown” error described in another post. Very excited and looking forward to the update. @Thomas you plan to release it this year? Subscripted for beta, but sadly the feature is not there.

I don’t know what changed but I think the “Cancel motion sensor actions” doesn’t work anymore. It was fine for like 3 months but now everytime I try to configure my motion sensors with this setting it turns to “Unknown”. I’ve already signed up for beta and updated my app (2.0.6).

@Thomas any news? It’s getting quite about the topic.

I am also waiting for a fix here. For a very long time already.
It is possible to set select “Cancel sensor action” when configuring a sensor. I can then say cancel actions on sensor 2 in the configuration of sensor 1 and this seems to work. I can also say cancel action of sensor 1 in the configuration of sensor 2 - but shortly after saving this it turns to “Unknown”. So there seems to be some sort of recursive logic problem here. Problems is still there in the newest version as of today.

Some problem on my side. Would be at least good to get a response of dev.

I have the same Problem.
All the automations of the motion sensor turns to “Unknown” after setting this.

Any updates? Very keen for a proper solution to two motion sensors