How to set Conbee 2 as bridge

I have Conbee2 on Home Assistant, i want to use Hueessentials as in the past to make color settings and pair wandswitches (Niko) To bad putting on deCons on essentials i got ip adress and port but no connect.

Hello Bob, thank you for posting over here. Let’s get you through this. This issue of yours is discussed in the following topic: Connect app to Deconz running on Hassio(Home Assistant)

Let us know if you have any questions left.

Nope, dit it, put in: ip port 40850: (in Dutch) oeps er ging iets mis. We tasten in het duister.
Exception in http request: Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomein code=-1004 Geen verbinding met de server mogelijk.
NSerrorFaillingURLKey=, _KCFStrea…
Configuration in Hassio:

Your configuration in Home Assistant does not contain a port like in the instructions.

Please follow the instructions in the post. See the included screenshot how it should look like.