How to get email with invitation for Beta (or where is Public Link)?

I’m new here. Trying to connect my Ikea Remote to my Hue Hub. Purchased Premium to activate Touchlink. Then found that it doesn’t work. Apparently, there are issues with Ikea connections but the Beta version would allow it (I’m rather assuming this is the reason). So, I want to test the Beta version. Loaded TestFlight on my iPad. Now I need an email or click on a public link in iOS device. Where can I find that Public Link or how can I receive an invitation email? Maybe it’s written somewhere in this forum but I couldn’t find it.

The beta version currently available is the same as the stable version. There are no known issues at the moment with the touchlink feature.

Please make sure your remote touches the bridge when using touchlink, this is very important. Also remove all other lights from power. You can find the instructions with a video here: How to connect IKEA TRÅDFRI smart controls to a Philips Hue bridge?

In case you are still interested in the beta, see the following: Join the beta - Try new features before they are officially released

Thanks for the response. I just noticed a line in the instructions ‘Third party smart controls are not visible in the app’. That would mean that my Ikea remote controller will not show up. I was assuming that Touchlink was not working because it was not showing up in my list. I’ll try again and then connect a light first. Hopefully the lights do show up in the app (if not, the whole connection wouldn’t make any sense, would it?).

That is right, the smart control will not be visible in the app. You need to connect the smart control to the lights directly and it will control those lights. You cannot configure the smart control on a Hue bridge, as third party smart controls are unsupported.

If you do everything correctly, the lights will show up in the app. Then you can control the lights with both the smart control and the app. If that does not work, please try the steps again.

Well, it went as described. After pairing the Ikea remote with my Hue Hub, and coupling the remote with the light again, the Hue Essentials app found the light. Same with my second light/remote. And all nicely visible in the Hue app.
It’s unfortunate that you have to do this coupling in a rather ‘blind’ way. But if you follow the steps exactly, it works. Pushing the button on the remote for 10 sec is absolutely necessary as well.
Thanks for the advice!